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Welcome to Lifecare Diagnostis Ltd

Lifecare Diagnostics Ltd (LDL) was formed in 2009 to procure and supply Point of care testing platforms to Health facilities and act as a model of excellence in the provision Quality Assurance program for use of POCT Devices in the delivery of health care services in Uganda.

Lifecare Diagnostics Ltd, is the Exclusive Distributor of Diagnostic products from Abbott, a global leading manufacturer and supplier of Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics systems with a vision to shape the future of patient-centered care and to improve patient outcomes through decentralizing diagnostics systems

Point-of-care testing provides immediate, actionable information, contributing to better clinical, operational, and economic outcomes

Lifecare Diagnostics Ltd works with other service providers in the Ministry of Health to ensure access to high quality Pont of care testing by implementing Quality Assurance program for proper use of point of care Devices for accurate and reliable results.

Our Heritage

Started out as distributor of Ogenix in 2001, which was later merged into Alere International and subsequently acquired by Abbott.

Our Mission

To supply health units with quality point of care testing devices and monitoring their usage through provision of quality assurance services leading to better clinical and economical patient outcomes.

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier of quality of point of care testing devices (POCT) in the region.